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About Me

/Who Am I

My name Al Bait a SEO specialist who provides SEO services and digital agency in Jakarta, Indonesia. Likes to write and surf the internet. Still in college at the private academy of Jakarta majoring in information technology. Has a great desire to move forward and growing. I help business owners to develop their business by online.

My Vision

With creative thinking will create new ideas to solve the problem. I will be a creative agent ready to help solve your business problems in a better direction.

My Mission

I believe an idea that is not immediately executed will only be a myth. Therefore I will create creative ideas and execute them in order to develop your business to a better direction.

“The best and fastest way to succeed is to help others succeed.” -Napoleon Hill-

Creativity is one’s ability to create or develop unusual ideas and when viewed, read and heard by others will feel unique.

- Al Bait -


/What I do

Serving means understanding the client’s needs and providing those needs for better business development. I provide services such as web design services, graphic design services and digital marketing solutions (SEO services, SEM services and SMM services) to help your business grow for the better.


Innovative and responsive web design will create visitor interaction. So the achievement of UX (User Experience) will be more leverage. We will help create an innovative and responsive web design to attract visitors to your site.


Clear graphic design concepts will make your brand’s aesthetic value increase. We will bridge ideas and concepts with artistic imagery to produce works that not only attract the attention of audiences, but also have aesthetic value.


Now, Digital Marketing is becoming a very popular strategy to promote your product or service. We provide digital marketing solutions such as SEO services, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Social Media Maintenance.


2years of experience
8projects completed
300hours of work
350coffee cans


/My entire career

1998 - 2004

General Major

SDN Petir 4 Tangerang

Graduated from Petir IV State Elementary School in 2004, graduated, certified.

General Major

SMPN 205 Jakarta Barat

Graduated from Public Junior High 205 West Jakarta School in 2007, graduated, certified.

2004 - 2007
2007 - 2010

Science Major

SMAN 95 Jakarta Barat

Graduated from Public Senior High 95 West Jakarta School in 2010, graduated, certified.

Computer Network Majors

Bina Sarana Informatika

Still in college and will graduate in 2018.

2015 - Present
2018 - PRESENT

SEO Specialist

PT Web Architect Technology

Develop website keywords, develop on page and off page optimization.

Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM) Staff

PT. Mindreach Consulting

Develop internet marketing, monitoring company online reputation, develop website keywords, develop on page and off page optimization.

2016 - 2017
2018 - END

SEO Staff

Datamaya Consulting

Develop website keywords, Develop on page and off page optimization.



75%Web Design
73%Graphic Design
85%Digital Marketing
95%Customer Support


/Work done so far

I believe that success is not a coincidence. It takes determination and hard work to achieve it. Here are some results from my work (SEO services, Web Design services and Graphic Design services). And I do not list all of my client’s company names in an effort to respect their privacy.

There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being-to help someone succeed.

- Alan Loy Mc Ginnis -


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